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Alna and Mona are the charismatic duo behind this new podcast. Their vibrant personalities and infectious energy make each episode a delightful experience for their listeners.

Together, Mona & Alna create a dynamic and engaging podcast atmosphere. Their chemistry is palpable, with each playing off the other's strengths and quirks. They seamlessly blend humor, heart, and a genuine curiosity about the world, making the a must-listen for anyone looking to brighten their day.

Alna is the epitome of joy and energy, a vibrant personality that lights up any room she enters. She is full of positivity and creativity, a natural entertainer who brings joy to everyone around her. Her dynamic presence and boundless energy make her an unforgettable podcast host, beloved by her audience for both her humor and her heart.
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Mona is a beacon of intelligence and curiosity, a thoughtful and articulate presence on the podcast. Her deep passion for knowledge and understanding shines through in every episode, where she seamlessly blends humor with insightful commentary. She possesses a warm and empathetic demeanor, making her guests feel comfortable and valued. Mona's genuine interest in people's experiences and perspectives allows her to connect deeply with both her interviewees and her audience. Her ability to listen actively and respond thoughtfully makes her an exceptional conversationalist.


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